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So, what is an appropriate age difference when dating someone? Is it defined by social standards, or by the individuals involved? It is common to hear 'Age is just a number.', but there aren't many online sites where that concept is put into practice.

Or rather, there haven't been many sites in the past. More and more sites are popping up now, although they tend to be specifically defined as 'Older Woman / Younger Man (ie. Cougar) sites, or many times it is 'Older Man / Younger Woman sites.

Over time, as the concept of broader age differences between people dating becomes more acceptable and 'mainstream', there are likely to be more sites where everyone mingles...with an understanding that you are more likely to get a favorable reaction when you approach someone quite a bit younger, or quite a bit older.

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Age Gap Relationship

There is no expiration date on being able to fall in love. If you are open to, or actually prefer, to date someone a good bit older or a good bit younger, then you may be interested in Age Gap Relationship. This site is designed to connect individuals who are NOT interested in dating people their own age, but instead prefer dating others older or younger.
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