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The online dating sites listed here would be considered politically incorrect by most people. These sites are far outside the mainstream of online dating, and they are listed here as a curiousity more than anything else. While these sites may be considered offensive to some, no offense is intended to any party.

Cousin Couples - Cousins dating Cousins
"The world's primary information & support network for & about romantic relationships among cousins." Couple Cousins is for those romantically involved with their cousin.

420 Dating - Why toke alone?
"420dating.com's mission is to provide a "smoker friendly" online dating service and is the best smoker friendly online personals match making service in the world."

Marijauna City - Pothead Dating & Chat
"420 Community, Pictures, Pot Pics, Blog, 420 Chat, Hot or Not"
Meet some new buds to toke with...or talk with. If you are looking for someone special who shares your interest in pot, this is the spot for you. Enjoy 420 Dating, 420 Blogs, 420 Chat, 420 Forums & more! Sign up now...and stop bogarting that joint!

Gimps Gone Wild - Disabled Dating
This site's name is the most politically incorrect thing about it.
"Disabled individuals can be just as sexy as non-disabled individuals. For centuries, disabled individuals have been seen as weak, sickly, vulnerable, non-sexual beings that need to be taken care. Whereas we are independent, feeling, intelligent creatures that have the same desires needs and wants as anyone else."

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